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Langover Najnovija verzija 5.8.0

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Langover - Vraća tekst napisan u pogrešnom jeziku

Trenutno ne postoji recenzija za softver: Langover, verzija 5.8.0.Ako želiš napisati svoju recenziju slobodno to napravi i pošalji nam je, a mi ćemo je objaviti ovdje.

If you have a multilingual keyboard and you are used to typing in more than one language, this must have happened to you a lot: You type while not noticing that your keyboard is set on the other language and the entire text you typed, is now being erased, and you need to re-type it. Never again, with Langover.
Langover was designed by a frustrated Hebrew speaking developer that was trying to save the precious text he was typing in the wrong language (switching between Hebrew to English). After becoming almost a "must have" in every Israeli computer, the developer created an international version that will work great with Japanese, Greek, English and any other mix of languages you may use.
The software is easy to use and requires no more than one click (well, Alt+Shift to be exact) to restore your text. Please note this is not a translation software, but rather a tool that allows you to use more than one language with your keyboard and avoid the common error of typing in the wrong language settings.


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Preuzimanjima 3 9 16 145
Cijena $ 30 $ 79.95 $ 19 $ 0
Veličina datoteke 33.32 MB 4.35 MB 1.00 MB 1.34 MB

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Informacije o proizvodu
Ocjeni:7 (Users69)
Rang u Jezični programi:10
Ocijenjeno dana:
Veličina datoteke:1.56 MB
Zadnji put ažurirano:27/1/2018
Operativni sustav: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000
Jezici: Španjolski, Njemački, Engleski, Indonezijski, Talijanski, Portugalski, Više...
Broj preuzimanja (Hrvatski):32
Broj preuzimanja (iz cijelog svijeta):21,838

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